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On this page you will find links to informational resources on horse archery

from basic articles to the best books and the most exciting videos. 


Horse & Rider

Kimberly Bredehoft trains children and adults in horsemanship. Everything from walking into the stable for the first time to driving a truck and hauling a trailer. She doesn't mess around! Relationship based training. Kimberly's group of riders is AMAZING!

Click on the image to check out her website. >>>

Mongolian Horse Archery

Just a fun short video on a group of Mongolian horse archers shooting at targets and each other. Pure freedom of expression. If you get the chance to ride in Mongolia, take it. What an amazing place!

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WAR BOWS by Mike Loades

The best book available on composite bows (used for horse archery), long bows, crossbows and the Japanese Yumi bow.

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HORSEBACK ARCHERY: ancient art to modern sport

A great reference book on everything to do with horse archery. This is the official manual of the British Horseback Archery Association Printed in San Francisco but only available for purchase in the UK...!

Mounted Archery Association of the Americas

MA3 is the premier association for horse archery in America. MA3 offers training, competitions, insurance, etc. to all affiliates clubs. MA3 follows International Horse Archery Alliance (IHAA) guidelines as closely as possible. if you want to compete at MA3 competitions, you must be a member of this association.

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International Horse
Archery Alliance

This association governs most international horse archery competitions and more. Their website has a lot of information on different event tracks, guidelines for equine welfare and more.


Alibow has a huge collection of archery equipment in many styles and colors, They are are a one stop shop and are very popular with horse archers. Fiberglass bows, laminated bows, youth bows, and more are all available online. Turkish bows are advised as they are shorter and more maneuverable on horseback. These products come from China so there is a 3-4 week delivery time. Bay Area Horse Archers is not affiliated in any way with Alibow.

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Horse Archery USA

HAUSA's mission statement: "To promote and popularize the sport, the art, and the culture of horseback archery in the United States by offering participation opportunities at both a recreational and competitive level, while providing a sense of community, sportsmanship, safety, and horsemanship.

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Sword quiver by Hilary Merrill of Rayo Leatherworks

This is a great, versatile sword quiver that allows for quick ambidextrous shooting while on horseback.

Stretch & strengthen shoulders for horse archery

An 18 minute video with simple easy-to-follow bodyweight exercises for archers and horse archers. No equipment necessary. These exercises include strengthening exercises for the deltoids and scapula region as well as range of motion exercises for the rotator cuffs.

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How to measure for a thumb ring

Professional archer and author of The Way of Archery, Justin Ma, shows how to measure for a thumb ring. Thumb rings are used for thumb draw archers who shoot at heavier draw weights.

Horse stance for horse archers

When shooting on horseback, you should be able to stand and balance. This video shows you an exercise to develop strength, stability and balance to achieve that goal.

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A classic text about the history of bow warfare around the world and how it changed the world and shaped battles on horseback.

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